Saturday, October 3, 2009

Our Two Presidents

No, this post will not make claims about Obama being two-faced or something of that nature. I'm speaking much more literally. I've read a few things about this issue recently, and it's really piqued my interest. Right now, it almost seems like we have two presidents running our country: Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi.

Think about it. Obama won the election. He campaigned on a vast, far-reaching domestic agenda. He prattled on and on about the vague ideas of "hope" and "change" for months on end. He was supposed to be the magical Chosen One who transforms America. Then he gets elected, and what does he do? Well, nothing of substance really. Obama makes speeches. He holds town hall meetings. He runs around the world embarrassing our country by apologizing to terrorists and dictators. He interrupts television broadcasts to run informercials for his policies. Basically, he just keeps on campaigning. That's all he's really good at anyway. After all, he's never really run anything in his life.

So who's running the country while Obama campaigns? Well, it's our old friend Nancy Pelosi. That arrogant, partisan, botoxed harpy. She's running the show! Obama made speeches about the necessity of a "stimulus" package and made tons of promises about it. He promised there would be no pork barrel spending in it. But Pelosi wrote it and filled it with useless pork and payoffs to special interests. Pelosi crafted the cap-and-trade policy. Pelosi put together the gargantuan budget. Pelosi wrote the insane health care bill that's in Congress now. Yes, I know it's the job of Congress to write bills, but since these are Obama's policies and promises, it kinda seems like he should know what's actually in the legislation.

A recent article (addressed to Obama) in the Wall Street Journal said, "[Lyndon] Johnson's initiatives were framed in the White House by his administration. Your strategy, by contrast, has been to advocate forcefully for health care and energy reform but to leave the details to Democratic congressional committee chairs. You did the same thing with your initial $787 billion stimulus package. Now, you're stuck with a plan that provides little stimulus until 2010. A president should never cede control of his main agenda to others."

But that is just what he's done. Obama makes speeches about this new health care plan. He makes promises. He tells the press and his supporters what's in the health care plan and how it works. But he had absolutely no hand in cobbling it together, he certainly hasn't read it (heck, most of Congress hasn't read it) and he has no idea what's actually in it! The Associated Press (who is usually pretty non-partisan) did a fact check on his claims about the health care plan, and basically, he is full of horse crap. Heck, even the liberal rag New York Times called BS on some of his statements! He is either lying or ignorant. Either one makes me nervous.

The point is, Obama is nothing but the face of this administration. He has no clue how to run anything. Why do you think he keeps nominating so many random Czars? Since being elected, he's nominated nearly three dozen various "Czars" to run every aspect of his government. And at least one of them, a man named Van Jones, was a self-proclaimed Communist! These people are accountable to no one, and in my opinion, are largely unconstitutional. Both Democrats and Republicans have criticized this! I don't know which president nominated the first Czar of whatever, but these guys need to go. Either way, Obama isn't in charge. He already told ACORN that they would get to shape his agenda. Plus, these Czars oversee everything, Co-President Pelosi forms all the domestic policies, Hillary roams around the world being useless and irrelevant, and Obama...well, he makes speeches.

"Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!" exclaimed a certain humbug from the Emerald City.

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